Industry-led Skills Seminars Booking Request Form 2022/23

Complete this form to request to host a tailored event designed by you on campus.

Industry-led Skills Seminars Booking Request Form 2022/23

​Complete this form to request to host a tailored event to support the skills development of LSE students and graduates.

Please complete this form to submit a proposal for an LSE skills seminar. Please contact our Employer Engagement Team if you would like to discuss your ideas with us in advance of submitting the form.

Your request will be reviewed and a member of the Employer Engagement team will contact you

Our industry-led skills seminar programme supports LSE students develop their understanding of different sectors and roles in practice, through interactive case studies and group activities. It also enables students to apply their academic studies to an industry context. We work with a range of employers to ensure we offer a diverse programme, covering different sectors and roles. The purpose of these sessions is to support students to develop their employability skill rather than for organisations to promote their recruitment opportunities.

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Please see our guidance FAQ document to support you in running your virtual skills seminars.

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The breakout rooms will be randomised, you will not able to decide in advance which profile of students should go in each room

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For us to record and archive your event we need a signed consent form. Please upload the completed recording consent form, which can be found here. The form should be completed by the person(s) presenting.

Date and time preference

Virtual: Our industry-led skills seminars run on Wednesday from 1pm and 3pm throughout the academic year. Due to popular demand, we might not be able to accommodate your session.

On-campus (limited availability): Our industry-led skills seminars run on Wednesday 1-3pm and 3-5pm. Due to popular demand we might not be able to accommodate your session. 

Please select more than one date and time

Dates starts from 26 September 2022
Dates starts from 26 September 2022

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Skills seminar proposal and marketing

The copy you provide below will be used to advertise your seminar to LSE students if it is approved. 

Please see the employer events style guide. We do ask that you write your event description in the second person. Write in third person when referring to you or your organisation.

Please provide a summary of the event which will appear as a preview to the full event information
Please provide a description of the content and format of the event
In 3 bullet points, please outline any useful pre-requisites, such as interests, degree background, level of study, skills, level of prior understanding and knowledge etc
In 3 bullet points, please outline the learning outcomes
Please provide links to any related webpages or online resources (if applicable) using our ‘action words’ explore, read, watch or follow to start each sentence

In order to enhance the learning experience for our students we also recommend considering tasks or resources which would complement the seminar. This could include articles, videos, online courses or virtual work experience activities (such as Forage courses).

This can include text, links or upload your content below
This must be provided a minimum of 2 weeks in advance
This can include text, links or upload your content below
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Terms and conditions

  • Only LSE students or alumni who have booked to attend the event via LSE Careers will be admitted to the event.
  • The event is available only to LSE students and alumni and will be promoted via LSE CareerHub. If you advertise this event elsewhere, please ensure all registration instructions are clear and correct and that they signpost students to LSE CareerHub for registration.
  • Your organisation is responsible for any equipment and/or promotional material brought onto campus, including any associated costs. The London School of Economics and Political Science will not accept liability for any losses or damage incurred.
  • All events must comply with LSE Careers Events Terms and Conditions.
  • If you need to cancel your event, we require early notification, preferably a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your event if we have not received adequate information regarding the event.


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