External blog submission form

External blog submission form

We welcome blogs from employers, not-for-profit and volunteer focused organisations, industry and sector experts, entrepreneurs, and individuals that can offer an insight into careers related topics to LSE students. Please use this form to submit your blog post to LSE Careers for review.
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Blog guidelines

Please find below a summary of the key points to be aware of when writing a blog for LSE Careers


  • The focus of your blog should be educational rather than promotional. Topics may include, but are not limited to, information about working in a particular sector; managing career progression or change; your career experiences and advice; opportunities for LSE students; careers networking and social media tips, and more.
  • All blogs should be written with a student audience in mind. We have a high proportion of international students and international prospective students who make up our readership. It’s therefore important to make writing style accessible and content relevant.
  • The blog is a public site and will be available to external viewers as well as LSE staff and students. Please be aware that current and prospective employers and a wider industry audience might see all content.
  • The blogs we receive from external bloggers do vary in length but it’s a good idea to keep your blog concise – about 400 words is ideal. Top tips and bullet points work well to highlight key information. If you are discussing an in-depth or complex topic it may be appropriate to write a longer post, as long as the content is clear and not repetitive.
  • If you are writing a blog about your own career experiences/career progression or sharing insights into a particular sector or area of work the most effective blogs are those that are personal in tone and that offer an honest insight.
  • We preface each guest blog with a short summary about you with your copy following in quotation marks. If you have a short summary we can use then great, if not we can pull something together based around your blog.


  • All our blogs are posted in Wordpress. You can use this form to submit the text for your blog or attach it as a Word document or PDF.
  • Images – where possible we like to include an image with our blogs. If you would be happy to, please use this form to send us a photo/image that we can include.
  • You are able to access the LSE Careers blog at blogs.lse.ac.uk/careers and have a look at some of the previous guest blogs we have featured as examples.

Please note that we may make minor edits to your blog if required to fit in with our content and formatting guidelines. We will always contact you beforehand if more information is required or the edit is significant. We may also repost your blog or reuse some of the material (including any picture you submit) at a later date but it will still be attributed to you.

If you are an LSE student or alumni, please note we may also share your blog with other relevant LSE departments.

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