Vacancy terms and conditions

Work experience and the minimum wage

LSE Careers supports the advice on Internships (PDF) issued by the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) and National Union of Students (NUS).

Paid opportunities

LSE Careers will only advertise UK-based opportunities, including internships, which comply with National Minimum Wage (NMW) legislation. For opportunities outside of the UK, LSE Careers will only advertise those which comply with the minimum wage legislation of that country or state. Please specify the required legislation in your opportunity advert to avoid delays in your advert going live. For those countries without such legislation we require organisations to match that of the equivalent UK rate.

Opportunities which are commission based will not be approved unless there is at least a NMW base salary.

Opportunities which are paid per project/article/remote working must be pro rata and meet NMW.

It is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to ensure any internship opportunities advertised comply with National Minimum Wage legislation.

Trial periods

Opportunities which provide unpaid trial periods will not be advertised.

Volunteering and overseas volunteering

To advertise voluntary opportunities to LSE students through LSE CareerHub your organisation and opportunities must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a registered with the UK Charity Commission or be a recognised statutory body.
  • Accept liability for all volunteers recruited and be able to meet any liabilities through an adequate insurance policy or through other provision.
  • Have a health and safety policy.
  • Provide an induction covering all necessary aspects of health and safety for the volunteer.
  • Have an adequate child protection policy if working with children and/or young people.
  • Have an adequate vulnerable adults policy if working with vulnerable adults.
  • Risk assess all volunteering activities and premises.
  • Provide all the training necessary for volunteers to carry out their assigned tasks.
  • Have a named person who is responsible for the supervision and support of volunteers.
  • Treat personal information about LSE students confidentially.

If you would like more information about working with the LSE Volunteer Centre please visit the website.

Approving organisations on LSE CareerHub

LSE Careers reserves the right to not approve organisations or opportunity requests which we deem unsuitable for promotion to our students and graduates. Organisations and opportunities that we may not approve include, but are not limited to:

  • Any organisations or opportunities which we suspect may be illegal, unethical or discriminatory.
  • Any organisations or opportunities promoting services to students at a cost and/or where the School already offers equivalent services free of charge.
  • Any organisation or opportunity with which an association may bring LSE or its students into disrepute.
  • Any organisation that does not respond to preliminary checks/correspondence from LSE Careers.

    Advertising on behalf of a third party

    Advertising on behalf of a third party

    LSE Careers will advertise vacancies from recruitment agencies providing certain criteria are met. These criteria are:

    • That we know the identity of the employer and we can publish the name of the employer.
    • That we are satisfied that the employer has commissioned the agency to act on their behalf. We may require email confirmation from the client that the agency is acting on their behalf.
    • That the advertising party have confirmed, in writing that they agree to the £100+VAT fee.

    In instances where organisations use HR outsourcing services for all of their HR services. LSE Careers will not charge for advertising opportunities. However, LSE Careers will require written confirmation via email from the organisation that the outsourcing service is working in this capacity.

    Targeted emails are only available for direct employers and are not available for recruitment agencies nor organisations advertising on behalf of a third party (unless written confirmation via email is provided from the direct employer).

    Advertising as an individual

    LSE Careers will not advertise vacancies for individuals. 

    Advertising opportunities that are not vacancies

    Advertising opportunities that are not vacancies

    LSE Careers will not advertise competitions or agency work as a vacancy.

    However providing that these opportunities are pertinent to LSE students, LSE Careers will advertise careers related/further study competitions and scholarships via the LSE Careers' social media on Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

    If you would like to advertise a scholarship/competition opportunity to LSE students/alumni via social media LSE Careers will require a summary of the opportunity (with application method), in less than 200 words and in blog post form in an email to

    If you would like to advertise an off campus event, please see our event terms and conditions and fill in an off campus event form.

    General vacancy terms

    General vacancy terms

    • LSE Careers will only advertise vacancies for a maximum of six months at a time, though these can be extended further by submitting a change request ahead of the deadline.
    • LSE Careers does not advertise opportunities whereby there is a cost/fee to students to apply.
    • LSE Careers reserves editorial control over opportunities we publish and reserves the right to remove any organisation and/or opportunity from our system at any time.
    • LSE Careers will only publish opportunities (including targeted emails and events) which are written in full English.
    • LSE Careers will not advertise one-year sandwich/industry placements on CareerHub as these are not offered as part of our programmes.
    • LSE Careers will only publish opportunities which include a full description and requirements - please see guidance notes for more information.
    • LSE Careers will ensure organisations are flexible and provide alternative times and dates for selection activities where there may be a clash with examinations and/or other important academic demands.

    Discriminatory adverts

    LSE Careers will not advertise opportunities which contravene the Equality Act 2010 by not allowing applications from a particular nationality, gender or religion, for example.

    When advertising positions which will not be eligible for visa sponsorship in the UK we would recommend the following wording: “Please note that all applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are eligible to work in the UK at the point at which the role commences.” Please see our guidance notes for further information.

    Availability of students for part-time jobs

    The availability of students varies dependent upon their programme, however the employer should be aware of students' study obligations and not ask them to work in excess of 15 hours per week during term time as per School guidance. During vacations and other periods when the student does not have the usual pressure of study, hours are negotiable with the student.

    Campus brand managers

    We will advertise campus brand manager/representative positions which comply with the following recommendations:

    • It is explicit in the advert that part of the role will be to work in consultation with LSE Careers and that the campus representative and organisation must be aware of the services offered by LSE Careers for increasing brand awareness.
    • The organisation recruiting brand representatives should inform LSE Careers which student they have recruited for the role so LSE Careers can liaise with the representative if required.